Auto Accidents

Auto Accidents

Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

Each year, many people are injured in minor car accidents of which neck injuries and back pain are the most common complaints. Lack of treatment for these injuries, no matter how minor the injuries, could lead to chronic conditions in the future. While many people will seek treatment with drugs or surgery, chiropractic treatment may be a better, less invasive option for several reasons.

Reduced Inflammation

The quick, jerky movements car accidents cause can result in micro-tears of the ligaments and muscles. Whiplash is the number one complaint of those involved in a car accident. While most whiplash happens when a driver is hit from behind, it can also occur when hit from the front. Because whiplash causes tears that are so small and minute, they will not show up on an X-Ray. They do, however, cause the symptoms and pain you feel after a car accident such as dizziness, blurred vision, headaches, or stiffness. When you visit a chiropractor after an accident, they will perform spinal manipulations to realign the spine, which will release IL-6, a substance in your body that reduces inflammation and pain caused from whiplash. This will allow your body to heal much quicker.

Non-Invasive Care

Chiropractic treatment doesn’t require surgery or drugs because it is a non-invasive form of care. Prescription medication should be used sparingly and surgery should be a last resort. A chiropractor can realign the spine, reduce inflammation and pain, and promote healing of the body without invasive treatment. It should be the first option you consider after a car accident before seeking invasive surgery or drugs.

Restored Motion

Inflammation from a car accident causes more issues than just pain. Because of the inflammation, necessary nutrients and blood cannot reach the problem areas, and so the healing process will be drastically slowed down. An adjustment from a chiropractor can mobilize the spine and restore blood flow so that your body will heal more quickly. This in turn reduces the stiffness in muscles and joints and allows your range of motion to return much quicker than it normally would have if untreated.

Long-Term Healing

Left untreated, whiplash and other symptoms of a car accident can result in long-term issues. Without proper medical treatment, injuries from car accidents can lead to chronic pain and conditions. The stress of chronic pain can lead not only to emotional problems, but also to other health-related problems. To avoid these issues, seek care from a knowledgeable chiropractor who can diagnose and treat your injury right away to avoid a much larger complication later on. Chiropractic adjustments, along with certain exercises, can strengthen muscles along the spine that were weakened from the car accident. Don’t risk chronic pain. Seek treatment from a chiropractor shortly after an accident to promote healing that will last. Dr. Jennifer Good at Atlanta Health and Chiropractic specializes in chiropractic care and treatment after a car accident. Call today for an appointment.