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Diversified Chiropractic Technique

When many people hear “diversified chiropractic techniques,” they think it means we use a range of different approaches. That’s entirely true, and we focus on tailoring our approach for each client individually. However, diversified chiropractic techniques also refers to a very specific and popular approach to chiropractic services.

With diversified manipulation and adjustment, Dr. Good will employ a series of high-velocity but low impact thrusts with the aid of chiropractic blocks and tables known as drop tables.

What this accomplishes is a quick and effective treatment of joints to restore normal neurological function. It’s a safe, drug-free way to improve your overall function and health.

RRT Services

We specialize in using Rapid Release Technology, a form of targeted and high-speed vibration therapy which, when combined with diversified adjustment, allows for fast and highly effective relief from minor aches. RRT breaks up scar tissue, muscle adhesions, and restrictions within muscles, fascia, and ligaments. It’s painless and comfortable, and it is widely used and supported by such notable organizations as the NFL, NBA, MLB and even Olympic medal winners.

Atlanta Health Chiropractic technique and technology

Posture Pro Analysis

One of the first steps in having your muscle pains and joint problems treated is analyzing exactly what the cause of the issue is in the first place. For many people, poor posture lies at the root of their problems. Posture can cause all manner of health issues from spinal subluxations to joint dysfunction and more.

Posture Pro Analysis is a software-based method of analyzing your posture that has over two decades of proven scientific studies behind it and is widely used across the chiropractic field. Dr. Jennifer Good at Atlanta Health and Chiropractic uses this software as an important part of diagnosis and treatment plan efforts.

Muscle Testing and Range of Motion

Muscle testing and range of motion are another important aspect of chiropractic. We are dedicated, above all, to improving your strength, range of motion, comfort and healing. As such, we use a range of computerized and manual techniques to test for joint and muscle dysfunction. Our techniques and approaches include both tried-and-true methods as well as the approaches to flexibility, strength and motion.

When you visit Atlanta Health and Chiropractic, our team will evaluate your muscles and joints for any dysfunction or subluxations that may exist. Once evaluations have been completed, we will develop a customized and individualized plan of treatment including any necessary sport injury rehab, physical therapy, and massage. This will get you back on your feet and functioning at peak performance once again.

The Kinesio Tape Method

Atlanta Health and Chiropractic kinesiotape method

Dr. Good uses the Kinesio Tape method to provide outstanding sports injury and performance services throughout the Atlanta region. The Kinesio Taping method is a perfect complement to traditional chiropractic, as it helps enhance the body’s natural healing processes while at the same time stabilizing and supporting joints and muscles. Not only is it completely non-invasive and safe, but it also allows complete range of motion while enhancing the benefits of physical therapy in our offices.

Kinesio Taping is a process based on many years of clinical data and use in which Kinesio Tape is applied strategically to the exact points where it’s most needed. It helps to lift the skin away from the muscles at the microscopic level, which helps to increase the space between skin and muscles to reduce inflammation and encourage natural healing.

At Atlanta Health and Chiropractic, we focus on using innovative techniques like Kinesio Tape to help our clients improve joint health.

Individualized Approaches

Every athlete has individual needs for his or her health and healing. Whether athletics is just a hobby or it is your profession, Atlanta Health and Chiropractic will develop a completely individualized approach to your health and wellness, tailored to your specific and unique needs.

As one of Atlanta’s premier resources for sports injury and performance services, Dr. Jennifer Good, has decades of experience in treating sports injuries and providing preventative services to athletes both professional and amateur. She uses only the most reliable and trusted techniques to achieve optimal healing and function for our patients.

Advanced Chiropractic Technique and Technology

At Atlanta Health and Chiropractic, we bring years of experience to the table, as well as a non-invasive, safe and drug-free approach to health and wellness. We are here to enhance your body’s natural function, immune response and ability to heal.

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