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Dr. Jennifer Good, Atlanta GA chiropractor

Meet Dr. Good

Dr. Jennifer Good believes that chiropractic care and maintenance of the spine are vital components to overall health. She performs specific, hands on adjustments of the spine and extremities combined with soft tissue muscle release work and other sports therapies. She received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 2000 from Life Chiropractic University and has been in personal practice since.

In her free time she enjoys traveling and the outdoors, particularly hiking in the North Georgia Mountains. Additionally she is active in her church and community, educates people about health, including lectures at local corporations, and active at on-site chiropractic and wellness.

Practicing the same approach to life she teaches to her patients and the community, she engages in running, yoga, weight lifting, eating healthy, and maintaining a positive attitude in life.

Dr. Good is an Active Release Technique certified provider.

Dr. Jennifer Good, Atlanta GA chiropractor

Meet Savannah Sylvester

Savannah Sylvester attended the Academy of Massage & Bodywork and has 10 years of professional experience but has 24 years of massage stored in her hands. According to Savannah’s cousin she started doing massage for her at the age of 5 and it definitely seems to have stuck!

For having only been in Atlanta a year Savannah has developed a wonderful following of clients that love and appreciate her skill. She is skilled in various modalities such as Pre-Natal massage, Swedish, Reflexology, Hot Stone, Lypossage, Body scrubs/wraps but is most requested for her Deep Tissue massage.

With her “magnetic” hands that seem to find knots you didn’t even know you had, Savannah is a great choice for massage whether you prefer deep tissue with that “hurts so good” feeling, a body treatment to bring out your natural glow or relaxation massage with soothing strokes.

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